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monitor calibration
Monitor Calibration & Color Management Tool - Pantone Huey Solves Digital Image Problems on Monitors

buy Pantone huey at for $69.99 (21% discount) + free shipping.

Monitor Calibration & Color Management Tool - Pantone Huey Solves Digital Image Problems on MonitorsPantone have announced the availability of huey, an easy-to-use monitor calibration tool designed for digital photo enthusiasts, gamers and any computer user wanting absolute color and clarity. Developed in partnership with GretagMacbeth, huey is based on GretagMacbeth's technology and is a true breakthrough in terms of form, function and usability. About the size of a small marker, huey delivers excellent results on LCD, laptop and CRT displays without requiring users to have any knowledge of color management. In addition, huey is the first monitor calibration device to continually adjust the monitor as room lighting changes.

"The convergence of publishing, the Internet and entertainment has led to a generation of computer users whose primary media is the computer screen," explains Doris Brown, vice president of marketing for Pantone. "This has big implications in terms of color. In printed media, color can be carefully controlled during the printing process to ensure the viewer sees the intended color. Different monitors, on the other hand, interpret color differently, leaving a big question mark in terms of color accuracy. With huey, wondering if your color is right is a thing of the past."

"huey breaks new ground in terms of size, performance and ease-of-use," adds Iris Mangelschots, vice president and general manager of digital imaging at GretagMacbeth. "We've been able to leverage the technology used in our professional products, package it in a very affordable and convenient form factor and combine it with new software designed specifically for the non-technical user. Our partnership with Pantone and their ability to reach consumers is important to the success of huey."

In less than five minutes, huey can calibrate a user's monitor and adjust it based on their primary viewing activity viewing photos, playing games, creating graphics or browsing the Web. And it is priced at an affordable $89 ($69.99 at

Monitor Calibration & Color Management Tool - Pantone Huey Solves Digital Image Problems on Monitors"huey may be the coolest tool I've seen for achieving color accuracy. With its portable, sleek design and professional-level technology, it's a great tool for any digital photography enthusiast who might want to edit or print digital images," said professional photographer and PANTONE Innovator, Jon Canfield. "huey makes sure the reds, greens and blues are all true. This is something anyone who uses a monitor will appreciate."

As part of its strategic partnership with GretagMacbeth, Pantone is bringing two additional monitor calibration tools to market specifically for professionals, Eye-One Display LT and Eye-One Display 2. Eye-One Display LT is designed for creative professionals just getting started with color management and Eye-One Display 2 lets advanced professionals control every aspect of color management onscreen.

Eye-One Display LT features more advanced controls than huey. A software wizard calibrates the monitor to produce consistent, predictable color in just a few simple steps. Eye-One Display LT can also be used to calibrate multiple monitors connected to a single workstation. It is the ideal entry-point for the price sensitive creative professional and can also easily be upgraded to the capabilities of the Eye-One Display 2 as the user's needs expand.

Eye-One Display LT includes a profile summary reporting capability that shows target color temperature, luminance and gamma, and stores all the information in a profile, which is ideal for post profile analysis.

Eye-One Display 2 includes all the features of Eye-One Display LT and also provides unlimited control and customization capabilities over the gamma and whitepoint settings. Its lightweight, sleek design comes with an ambient light head that easily snaps onto the device, also acting as a dust protector designed to ensure the sensor's longevity. Eye-One Display 2 creates high-quality ICC profiles for accurate, onscreen softproofing.

huey, Eye-One Display LT and Eye-One Display 2 are available through Pantone. huey is priced at $89, Eye-One Display LT is priced at $169 and Eye-One Display 2 is priced at $249. Eye-One Display 2 is also available through GretagMacbeth. All of the devices work with LCD, CRT and laptop monitors and are compatible with Mac OSX 10.3 and Windows 2000 and XP.

buy Pantone huey at for $69.99 (21% discount) + free shipping.
buy Eye-One Display LT at for $114.99 (32% discount) + free shipping.
buy Eye-One Display 2 at for $194.99 (22% discount) + free shipping.
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Online Monitor Calibration from ePaperPress
photoshop color management - gamma strripMany computer monitors come from the factory preset for an office working environment which may not be ideal for viewing photographic quality images. Here is a way to check monitor calibration. Be sure your display is configured for 24-bit color. With 16-bit color there is not enough color depth to calibrate properly. Let your monitor warm-up for at least 15 minutes before calibration.

Spyder - from Pantone
Monitor calibration controls your display's color so that it is accurate and consistent from day-to-day and image-to-image. The award-winning Spyder™ is an all-digital, seven-filter colorimeter that works with both CRT and LCD monitors. Working together with the wizard-based PhotoCAL™ software, the Spyder calibrates your monitor to a universal standard for color and automatically creates a correct monitor profile.

Brightness and Contrast Controls by Charles Poynton
Explains the effect that brightness and contrast controls have on picture reproduction, and how to set them.
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Adobe online
Set Up A Color-Managed Print Workflow (Adobe Creative Suite)
Provides instructions for setting up a Color Management System (CMS) workflow for the Adobe Creative Suite line of software. From the Adobe Support Knowledgebase, this document covers the following:

  • Creating and loading a monitor profile
  • Configuring color settings
  • Creating a proof

ICC Profiles In Photoshop 6.0 And Later
This record will give you a basic understanding of ICC Profiles and how you can use them to get consistent and predictable color representation in Photoshop 6.0 or later. From the Adobe Support Knowledgebase, this document covers the following:

  • What Is an ICC Profile?
  • Using and Embedding Profiles in Photoshop
  • Where to Obtain ICC Profiles

Using Adobe Gamma On Windows
Adobe Gamma installs with Adobe Photoshop. You can use it to calibrate your monitor at the system level and to create an ICC (International Color Consortium) profile. From the Adobe Support Knowledgebase, this document covers the following:

  • What Adobe Gamma Does
  • How Adobe Gamma Works
  • How to Use Adobe Gamma
  • Adobe Gamma and Third-Party Monitor Calibration Utilities
  • How Photoshop Uses Profiles

Using Adobe Gamma In Mac OS
You can use Adobe Gamma to calibrate your monitor and create an ICC profile describing the monitor's color space. From the Adobe Support Knowledgebase, this document covers the following:

  • Benefits of Calibrating Your Monitor
  • How to Use Adobe Gamma with Adobe Applications
  • Preventing Conflicts With Other Monitor Calibration Utilities

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color glossaries
Glossary Of Color Terminology by Bruce Fraser
Color guru Bruce Fraser's glossary of key terms that everyone involved with color management should understand.

Color Management Terminology - Adobe Support Knowledgebase
Color management is the process by which you try to match color conditions in a set of devices (e.g., scanner, monitor and printer). These devices produce color using different methods; therefore, they may display the same color value differently, and may not all display the same range of color values. In other words, color is device-dependent: the color that you see will change depending on the device that's producing it. From the Adobe Support Knowledgebase.
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color management articles
Color Management How-To: Understanding Computer Color
Learning how to match the color you see on screen with that in your printed output is critical information for any digital artist or photographer. But first you need to understand how color works both on computer display and on paper. Start with this chapter from "Real World Color Management." This chapter lays the foundation on which to build you own color-managed workflow. You'll learn in-depth the differences between how color appears on monitors and in print and find out why you need 256 levels of color. Even if you don't plan to start using a spectrophotometer tomorrow, Photoshop users will pick up valuable tips.

Photoshop Color - How and Why
How does the computer generate and recognize color information? What went wrong when I hit 'Print' ? What's the difference between 'HSL' and 'HSB'? Is there really a laboratory within Photoshop? Or does 'LAB' mean something else? What's a 'Gamut'?, why the warning - and how can I be 'out of it'? How 'deep' can a 'bit' be? How much 'space' does color take up? Find answers to the above questions with this illustrated tutorial introduction to Color Physics.

International Color Consortium (ICC)
The International Color Consortium was established in 1993 by eight industry vendors (including Adobe Systems) for the purpose of creating, promoting and encouraging the standardization and evolution of an open, vendor-neutral, cross-platform color management system architecture and components. The outcome of this co-operation was the development of the ICC profile specification. For further information about the specification, and color management generally, various documents and links are provided on the site:

  • Introduction to the ICC profile format provides a brief summary of the specification and how it is used.
  • The full specification provides substantially more detail and is designed for those who need to implement the specification in hardware and software.
  • The ICC slide presentation gives an overview of the ICC and color management.
  • Articles / Publications about ICC provides a variety of papers that cover color management and the use of the ICC specification that have been published in conference proceedings, journals and magazines.
  • A grouping of Links to sites that provide useful information about color management.
  • A set of FAQs answering the most Frequently Asked Questions about color and color management.

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color management books
Real World Color Management
Real World Color Management by Bruce Fraserby Bruce Fraser, Fred Bunting, Chris Murphy
List Price: $49.99 / Amazon Price: $34.99
You Save: $15.00 (30%) & this item ships for free

Book Description
Every graphics professional worth his or her salt knows the importance of color management. No matter how much thought artist and client put into the color scheme for a given project, all of that work is for naught if you can't get your results to match your expectations. Enter Real World Color Management.

In this industrial-strength, under-the-hood reference, authors Bruce Fraser, Fred Bunting, and Chris Murphy draw on their years of professional experience to show you everything you need to know about color management. Whether your final destination is print, Web, or film, Real World Color Management takes the mystery out of color management, covering everything from color theory and color models to understanding how devices interpret and display color. You'll find expert advice for building and fine-tuning color profiles for input and output devices (digital cameras and scanners, displays, printers, and more), selecting the right color management workflow, and managing color within and across major design applications.
available at

Professional Photoshop: The Classic Guide to Color Correction
Dan Margulis
Extensively revised edition covers through Photoshop 7 and continues the tradition of introducing astoundingly effective, previously unknown methods. Softcover. CD-ROM included.

Photoshop Color Correction
Michael Kieran
It's always been possible to produce great-looking images in Photoshop. But Photoshop Color Correction makes it easy. This book is the distillation of color expert Michael Kieran's 10 years of experience in delivering workshops on color correction and color management. It includes tips and tricks that will enable you to improve the detail, color balance, and sharpness of any photograph, regardless of its source, by applying color improvements you can see on both the computer screen and in print. The emphasis of this book lies in its visual techniques, with plenty of photographs and screen shots to illustrate how color correction really happens. You can further deepen your understanding by following along with the sample images provided on the accompanying CD-ROM.

Color Confidence: The Digital Photographer's Guide To Color Management
Tim Grey
This volume focuses upon the essentials that photographers have to know to understand how colour management works in the digital setting. Tim Grey has selected just those topics and details that will help the busy photographer who has no time to wade through a technical manual.

Understanding Color Management
Abhay Sharma
Digital imagery and digital color are everywhere, yet operating a color-managed system has remained a mysteryuntil now! Fresh from pioneering work in color algorithms for FujiFilm, Dr. Abhay Sharma explains the basics of color science and color measurement, and provides an in-depth look at the range of measuring instruments available to the end-user. International Color Consortium (ICC) profiles are discussed in great detail and procedures for profiling scanners, digital cameras, computer monitors, inkjet printers, and printing presses are thoroughly described making this book the definitive guide to color management.
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Adobe Photoshop CS Color Management - Video Tutorial
Computer-Darkroom offers instructive feature articles, tutorials, reviews and technical discussions relating to digital image processing. The feature articles and tutorials cover a broad range of  topics including: Film Scanning, Photoshop, Colour Management, Display Calibration, and  Printing. A Visitor Book is also available for leaving short messages.
The Photoshop Colour Management page features an essay that is primarily intended to help new Photoshop users understand how the colour management system and associated settings within Photoshop CS should be configured.
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Adobe Photoshop CS Color Management - Video Tutorial
Adobe Photoshop CS Color Management - Video Tutorial
Adobe Photoshop CS Color Management - Video TutorialThis tutorial focuses exclusively on the color settings dialogue box and explains how images are affected by the various choices that are available. The tutorial also takes you through a step-by-step explanation of Photoshop's Color Management Policies. By the end you will have learned how to create the "ideal settings" for working with color in Photoshop CS.
10 MB / 5:42 min

To order this product, visit the Total Training website.
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