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Adobe Photoshop Inspiration
Adobe Photoshop Inspiration - Greg Martin
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Adobe Photoshop Inspiration - Greg Martin
Below is a section of "Euphoria Mod II" by Greg Martin. His work is extremely precise and realistic.

Adobe Photoshop Inspiration - Greg MartinGreg Martin says: "My goal is to raise the bar for aspiring celestial artists everywhere by making the basic techniques to create realistic spatial elements available for all interested... It is up to the artist, however, to develop their own skillset and create truly dynamic compositions. Be forewarned... simple "planet and star" pieces are rapidly becoming the height of cliché... the challenge is out for YOU to break the mold and create the next unique and truly inspiring work of celestial art."

There is more art available for viewing, or purchase at Greg Martin's website. When there, look for the great tutorials for making realistic starfields.
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Adobe Photoshop Inspiration - Greg Martin
PHOTO CREDIT: © 2004 GREG MARTIN — not to be reproduced without permission.

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