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Adobe Photoshop Inspiration - New York Magazine Cover - JAMES PORTO
Adobe Photoshop Inspiration - James Porto
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James Porto - New York Magazine Cover

James Porto - New York Magazine CoverBelow (scroll down) are two samples of James Porto's final image for a New York Magazine cover assignment. We asked James for the story behind the job. Here is what he told us:

"New York Magazine called me to illustrate a story on the elusive 2nd Ave. subway which doesn't exist but has been promised to New York City for many decades.

"I first went to the iconic 2nd Ave. deli and shot a series of dusk images. I then rode the subway and photographed it for a few hours at various stations and lighting conditions and perspectives.

"Did a rudimentary assembly for approval by the art director. She said it looked great, but there should be an older lady who looked as though she grew up in the neighborhood and was shocked at this new development.

"I hired my wife's great aunt Rose who actually did grow up in the neighborhood and she arrived dressed perfectly and was just right for the part. For the final assembly I had to clear a lot of the sky for the magazine's masthead.

"All elements in the image are photographic. That's basically it."

We asked James if he had any advice to give to those learning Photoshop. "As far as advice on Photoshop, my basic credo is, there are no easy ways to make a great image — you need a great idea, great original photography, and a lot of patience to attend to all the details that make these assemblies look natural and striking. Perspective, light quality, light direction, shadows, and edge quality all need to be attended to with great care to make a convincing illusion."

Visit James Porto's personal website.
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James Porto - New York Magazine Cover
James Porto - New York Magazine Cover
PHOTO CREDIT: © 2005 JAMES PORTO — not to be reproduced without permission.

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