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Adobe Photoshop Inspiration - James Porto
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Adobe Photoshop Inspiration - James Porto
Adobe Photoshop Inspiration - James PortoThe following piece (below) by James Porto — "The Logomotive" — is from the August 9, 2004 issue of New York Magazine.

It was used for a story about how the New York City Metropolitan Transportation Authority was exploring selling the names of subway stations and lines to corporate sponsors. And so, the magazine asked, could this be the subway of the future?

James Porto told us his piece was done in Photoshop, and added: "Maybe you were astounded by the sheer obsessive compulsive nature of the image... you might be surprised to know that the image was made in 36 hours (which included 8 hours of sleep)... all original photography and assembly."

See a popup with a detail of this piece.Visit James Porto's personal website.
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Adobe Photoshop Inspiration - James Porto - "The Logomotive"
PHOTO CREDIT: © 2004 JAMES PORTO — not to be reproduced without permission.

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