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Podcast News - Latest Podcasting News & iTunes Updates
Justin Seeley Has Some Photoshop Quicktips To Share
Adobe Photoshop Blog | PhotoshopSupport.comPhotoshop Quicktips is a new video podcast hosted by Photoshop Expert Justin Seeley that is aimed at both amateurs and creative professionals alike. Each week Justin guides you step-by-step through a new Photoshop video tutorial.

On the Photoshop Quicktips website you can download all of the past episodes and pretty soon, Justin promises, you'll be able to purchase instructional DVDs.

Pixelicious — Photoshop, Lightroom And Digital Photography Podcast
Media Lab Release SiteGrinder Basic and SiteGrinder ProPhotoshop, Lightroom and digital photography tutorials, tips, tricks and digital photo news and info, that's what you'll find at Pixelicious, a podcast featuring award-winning photographers and best-selling authors Ken Milburn and Doug Sahlin. The podcast is updated weekly. Below is some more info about the talent behind the goods. Give it a whirl!

Ken Milburn
Ken Milburn has been a photographer, both full- and part-time, for nearly five decades. Ken has written over 300 articles and columns for computer magazines as well as 27 books on web design, Flash, and (mostly) Adobe Photoshop and digital photography. Books currently in print include Digital Photography: 99 Tips to Make you Look Like a Pro, The Photoshop 7 Virtual Classroom, and Photoshop Elements 2.0–The Complete Reference (all from Osborne/McGraw-Hill), and The Digital Photography Bible, 2nd Edition, from Wiley. He also teaches digital photography online. His most recent titles include Photoshop CS2 for Digital Photographers Only (co-authored by Doug Sahlin), and O’Reilly’s Digital Photography: Expert Techniques — currently one of the top-selling books on professional techniques in digital photography.

Doug Sahlin
Doug Sahlin, A.K.A. The Samurai Photographer, has been an avid photographer since he was a child. He started his exploration into the world of shadow and light with a box camera capturing images of friends, family, and nature. As a young man, he purchased a 35mm camera and honed his craft, creating award winning photographs of landscapes and seascapes in Florida. In the past 5 years, he has written 19 books on web design, graphic, and image editing applications, co-authored 2 books on Photoshop. He has also written two books on digital photography. Many of his books have been best sellers at While working on his books, Doug is the president of Superb Images, Inc, a wedding and event photography company. His work has taken him from coast to coast, North to South, and has been seen in print and on the web.

Bert Monroy Launches PixelPerfect Photoshop Podcast
Adobe Photoshop Blog | PhotoshopSupport.comDigital artist extraordinaire Bert Monroy has created a podcast titled PixelPerfect that is distributed through, a new site associated with Kevin Rose from TechTV fame, on which Bert was a frequent guest.

The first thing about this podcast is the quality- which is super clear, HD perfect, and delivered in a nice widescreen format. But the best part is that Bert spends lots of time explaining all the various details in his creations, making sure you understand Photoshop concepts and tools as he goes along. PixelPerfect is a totally professional, totally enjoyable podcast, and a great resource for any aspiring Photoshop artist — and at over 15 minutes a piece, this is a pretty amazing training freebie!

New Adobe Lightroom Podcasts From George Jardine
New Adobe Lightroom Podcasts From George JardinePhotoshopNews reports that Adobe Pro Photography Evangelist George Jardine has posted two new iTunes Podcasts that cover Adobe Lightroom. Here's a summary of the shows from PhotoshopNews:

"In Adobe Lightroom Beta Podcast Episode 1, Kevin Tieskoetter (Lightroom engineer), Mark Hamburg (Lightroom 'Founder') and Jeff Schewe (photographer) talk about some of the background of Adobe Lightroom, printing from Lightroom and where Mark sees Lightroom features going. In Episode 2, Bruce Fraser, author of Real World Camera Raw, Tom Fors, the author of the original ACR Calibrator script and Jeff answer Lightroom users call-in questions."

You can find the podcasts by launching iTunes, clicking on Podcasts, and then doing a search for Lightroom. Or you can subscribe via RSS.

New Podcast "Photoshop Online With Jan Kabili" Debuts
Adobe Photoshop Blog - Photoshop TipThis Photoshop podcasting thing is really getting popular. Now Jan Kabili at The Unofficial Photoshop Weblog has launched one. Here's what she says: "We've been thinking about putting together a Photoshop video podcast for some time now. In this inaugural episode we tackle the prickly subject of image resolution in Photoshop. Resolution can be tough to grasp, so we break it down for you, explaining what it is, why it's important, and how to choose the proper resolution for a file destined for an inkjet printer."

If you are not familiar with Jan, she's a talented Photoshop trainer and has written some excellent Photoshop books, including How to Wow: Photoshop CS2 for the Web and Photoshop CS Complete Course. Jan is also a contributor to many design magazines.

Photoshop Killer Tips With Matt Kloskowski
Photoshop Killer Tips With Matt KloskowskiThe National Association of Photoshop Professionals (NAPP) has released yet another nice Photoshop resource. This one is a video podcast (via iTunes) called Photoshop Killer Tips With Matt Kloskowski, and it offers a Photoshop tip each and every weekday.

So far I've watched 5 episodes, which included a tip on using the Shadow/Highlight Filter, on finding individual photos from a shoot using Bridge, on how to get a complicated selection back after inadvertently losing it, on adding points to a curve to adjust photos, and a tip on how to pick color from almost anywhere on your desktop. Sweet.

These are bite-size tips, all of the clips so far are under 2 minutes, which is just right to learn something new each day without putting a dent in your schedule. But do these guys ever sleep?

To subscribe go to Apple's iTunes Music Store and do a search for "Photoshop" in the podcast directory search. Matt Kloskowski can also be seen on the wildly popular Photoshop TV podcast.

Free Podcast Tutorial - Learn To Podcast In 1/2 Hour
Free Podcast Tutorial - Learn To Podcast In 1/2 HourOur friend Franklin McMahon offers another wonderful tutorial series, this time for creating your own podcasts. Here's what he says on his site: "Ok... this is the one you have been waiting for. A half hour 3-part video tutorial on how to create, edit, produce and promote your podcast.

"This is for Mac and PC users, anyone who wants to create a podcast, develop an RSS feed and then submit it to iTunes and go global. I did this for Start with video one and go through them all to quickly get up to speed with creating your own podcast."

Part One - Podcast Tutorial - Creating the MP3
Part Two - Podcast Tutorial - RSS Feed
Part Three - Podcast Tutorial - Submit + Promote

Get Photoshop Podcasts In The iTunes Music Store
Would you prefer to order your Photoshop Info to go? For those of you on the run, Photoshop Podcasts are now available in the "Podcasts" section of the iTunes store. So open up iTunes, subscribe, and feast away!

Yahoo! Launches Podcast Directory
Yahoo! has launched a new directory for podcasts. Yahoo! Podcasts indexes podcast series and individual shows from across the Web, complete with detailed search results, most popular and highest rated lists, editorial picks, and a full collection of tools you can use. The tools include ratings, reviews, and the ability to tag audio content, or view the tags that other people add.

All About Podcasts - Introduction To Podcasting

What Is A Podcast?
Wikipedia Podcast PageSo what exactly is a podcast? According to Wikipedia (a great source of constantly updated info), "'Podcasting' is a portmanteau word that combines the words 'broadcasting' and 'iPod.' The term can be misleading since neither podcasting nor listening to podcasts requires an iPod or any portable music player. Podcasting is distinct from other types of online media delivery because of its subscription model, which uses a feed (such as RSS or Atom) to deliver an enclosed file. Podcasting enables independent producers to create self-published, syndicated "radio shows," and gives broadcast radio programs a new distribution method."

Visit the Wikipedia Podcast Page for some very detailed info on the history of podcasting, as well as links to some wonderful sites, including podcast tutorials that show you how to create a podcast, and some podcast directory sites.

Apple's iTunes Podcast Information Page
(From the Apple site) Apple Podcasting PageEvery podcast on the iTunes Music Store is free. With the click of a button, you get the most recent episode — and all future episodes — automatically delivered directly to your iTunes Podcast Library. To download new episodes, just click the Get button. View podcast title, category, time, release date and description. You can even add options like rating, category, date added and play count. Updates occur automatically, and podcasts sync to your iPod as soon as you dock it. Find out all the details on the Apple Podcasting Page and the Apple iTunes Podcast Page.
Photoshop Blog
Photoshop TV Video Podcast

Photoshop TV Video PodcastPhotoshop TV is a brand new weekly video podcast from the National Association of Photoshop Professionals (NAPP), featuring "The Photoshop Guys" — Scott Kelby, Dave Cross and Matt Kloskowski. Using iTunes podcast technology, the show delivers tips, step-by-step tutorials, and the latest Photoshop and digital imaging news.

New episodes are posted each Monday, and you can watch Photoshop TV online at the Photoshop TV website, or you can subscribe by going to Apple's iTunes Music Store and searching for "Photoshop TV" in the podcast directory search.
Photoshop Blog
The Russell Brown Show Is Now A Podcast!

The Russell Brown Show Is Now A Podcast!You can now download Dr. Brown's Photoshop tutorials for viewing in iTunes, or on an iPod, and Russell Brown says new tips and techniques will be added each month.

You can watch the show directly through the iTunes Music Store, or subscribe from the Apple iTunes site by searching for "Russell Brown" in the iTunes store. You can see a list of current shows through the official RSS feed.

He's whacky and zany, so prepare for some fun while learning some valuable Photoshop tips and tricks. For more info see Russell Brown's Photoshop Tips And Techniques Page.
Photoshop Blog
"Attention Photoshoppers!" With David Biedny

"Attention Photoshoppers!" With David Biedny - Photoshop PodcastPhotoshop author, educator and leading expert David Biedny has launched a podcast show dedicated to covering the vast realm of Adobe's popular Adobe Photoshop image editing software. 'Attention Photoshoppers!' includes segments on Photoshop related news, step by step techniques to using Photoshop for production and artistic creativity, Photoshop book and companion product reviews, technical analysis, historical anecdotes and interviews with Photoshop luminaries, authors, artists and developers.

"I really love the democratization and editorial freedom of the podcasting revolution," Biedny says, "Photoshop users are on the cutting edge of technological innovation, and a podcast show designed to educate and entertain Photoshop fans seemed like a natural progression of my own work in the field of Photoshop, imaging and computer graphics."

'Attention Photoshoppers!' is available through Apple's iTunes, and at the official 'Attention Photoshoppers!' website.
Photoshop Blog
Media Artist Secrets With Franklin McMahon

Media Artist Secrets With Franklin McMahon - Photoshop PodcastA podcast for creative media artists involved in photography, animation, graphic design, music, broadcast, moviemaking and other multimedia, Media Artist Secrets provides inspiration, tells how to market your talents, fine-tune your vision, advance your skills and share your creations with the world.

Franklin McMahon has been writing about video production, photography, broadcast, music scoring, web technologies, design and the entertainment industry for over a decade in print for magazines such as Video Systems, DV, Publish, Res, Computer Graphics World and MovieMaker as well as on-line for sites like He is well versed in covering a wide range of topics and reports on the techniques and technology he uses every day, be it broadcast, photography, web, multimedia, music or graphic design.

Media Artist Secrets has won the Podcast Award for Best Business Podcast, and the program is the #1 Business program on Podcast Alley and has recently been nominated for a Podcast Award in the Business category.

"I am extremely passionate about helping people advance their creative careers and expand their audience of fans and clients" says Franklin McMahon. "One of the challenges to solve is that creative artists may be supremely talented, but not really focused on continued development, professional promotion and career growth. Creative artists are wired to create, that's what they do. This podcast helps them think of the big picture, dreaming big, getting the word out and making amazing things happen with their creative career path. I encourage everyone to spread the word and pass the info on the show to all the creative artists they know."

The podcast is supplemented by a blog at which includes an archive of creative self-development articles, video tutorials on programs such as Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator as well as reviews of the latest creative desktop programs.

So how Photoshop-related is this podcast? Read our in-depth interview with Frank McMahon and you'll see that this is indeed a valuable resource for Photoshoppers.

The podcast is available via Apple iTunes:

As well as via RSS:
Photoshop Blog
Inside Mac Radio - Podcast

Inside Mac Radio - PodcastInside Mac brings the voice of experience to the people who live the Macintosh digital lifestyle. The show is currently syndicated every week across the country and around the world on terrestrial broadcast radio stations, Podcast, Audible, Macworld Magazine CD and streaming live on broadband web radio.

Anchor Scott Sheppard and correspondents Desmond Crisis and Laura Burstein cover the latest tech stories with the Mac user in mind. Senior Mac Technologist Sam Levin keeps listeners updated on the latest products, and news correspondent Ken Ray brings it all into perspective with a regular roundup of the week's news headlines. Inside Mac is one of the most unique tech shows on broadcast radio today.

Visit the Inside Mac website to listen to past shows and see guest lists. They often feature Photoshop stories, so it's well worth keeping tabs on this show.
Photoshop Blog
Secrets Of Podcasting: Audio Blogging For The Masses - Podcast Book By Bart Farkas

Secrets Of Podcasting: Audio Blogging For The MassesIf you thought Internet radio was cool, wait 'til you experience podcasting — regular audio programs delivered via the Internet, which you can listen to when you want, where you want! Here to lead you into this brave, new world of mass audio blogging — and quite possibly change your listening habits forever — is a fun, fact-filled guide that shows you how to find, create, and distribute podcasts.

Author Bart Farkas recognizes that this concept is new to many and starts at the beginning, explaining what podcasting is, how it came into being, and how it promises to change the world.

From there, he covers the basics: podcast-grabbing software, MP3 players for listening to podcasts, the types of podcasts out there, and more. Knowing that you won't be satisfied just listening to podcasts, Bart shows you how to create podcasts as well, covering the hardware and software you'll need as well as the distribution options and legal issues that confront you. Interviews with real-world podcasting masters are highlighted throughout.

Peachpit Press have an online sample chapter from the book titled "Creating A Podcast." From the intro:

Now that you know what a podcast is, what's it's used for, and how it can affect your life, you may be inspired to create your very own podcast for distribution over the world's podwaves. Perhaps you would love to create a podcast but feel that the technology obstacles preclude you from ever doing so. Or perhaps you aren't worried about the technology but are unwilling to take the time to learn the ropes. Not to worry. Before you succumb to the fear of podcasting technology and crumple up in a fetal position while moaning gently about RSS feeds, have a look at this chapter; it'll change your point of view.

In this chapter, I take a look at the process of creating a podcast, from the nuts and bolts of recording techniques to the software that can help you edit and manipulate the podcast. I also include some tips and interviews with podcasting pioneers and aficionados whose hard-won experience will be to your benefit. After covering the equipment and the software needed for podcast creation, I walk you through the creation of a podcast from start to finish, using basic equipment and popular software.

Read the rest of the sample chapter Creating A Podcast.
Order this book at a discount price (34% off) at

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